Disposable Burette Infusion Set for Children



According to the application of the product, the bottle was divided into four specifications:

Infusion Type: HA-A-100, HA-A-150.

Blood transfusion Type: HA-B-100, HA-B-150.

[Product features]

1.Dripping speed is smooth, non-blocking, non-stop dripping, can meet the requirements of various patients, doctors and nurses.

2.Precision calibration, medical personnel can choose different specifications of infusion sets according to needs.

3.Sensitive blood return, easy to puncture.

Directions for using

1)  Open all clamps, With I. V. bottle upright, insert spike straight through stopper of I.V. infusion bottle.

2)  If necessary, and medication into bottle.

3)  Close clamp“A”and clamp “B”,then hang the bottle.

4)  Open clamp“A” and allow the required amount of fliud to enter the burette. Close clamp “A”.

5)  Attached with proper venous needle, squeeze drip chamber to fill it to half full fluid level. DO NOT FILL DRIP CHAMBER COMPLETELY.

6)  Slowly open clamp “B”to expel out the residual air inside the tube and the venous needle.]

7)  Open clamp “A” and re-adjust fluid amount in the burette. Close clamp “A” if necessary, to add medication through injection site on top of the bottle.

8)  Perform venipuncture. Open clamp “B” slowly and adjust the flow.

9)  Observe drops per minute and adjust it to the proper flow rate. The infusion rate of this set is 60 drops to approximately 1ml.