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Jiangsu Hong Ai Medical Technology Co., LTD. Is located in China's national medicine high-tech park - Jiangsu Taizhou China Medical City, the company is mainly to develop a new type of high-value medical consumables for urgent clinical needs as the goal of enterprise development, pay attention to scientific and technological innovation, through independent research and development, technical innovation, technology improvement completed of science and technology innovation projects in the field of medical apparatus and instruments, production technology and technology has reached the same industry leading level.

Hong Ai Medical regards quality as the life of the enterprise, the company proposed "the company's quality management" quality concept, the application of quality management methods and tools was expanded to all aspects of business management. Hong Ai Medical to "first-class quality, first-class service" as quality policy, established a strict internal quality control system, and ensure the staff training, to ensure that the design, manufacture, sales and service the whole process of strict quality control, the company's products have passed the European CE certification and RoHS environmental protection certification authority. Hong Ai Medical actively adhere to the "academic promotes sales", "sales and service" marketing idea, to create a technocrat sales team, to provide customers in close after-sales service and technical guidance, excellent product performance, and thoughtful service by the user's affirmation, promoted the rapid growth of the business.

Hong Ai Medical attention to brand construction and maintenance, now has " Hong Ai " core brands. Is a symbol of Hong Ai Medical health not only provide medical products, more engaged, to try to take care of each patient, love your neighbor as yourself. Hong Ai Medical medical will in the future, adhering to the "safety, excellence, integrity," the core values, "urgent clinical needs of high-value medical consumables" product strategy, through continuous technology and management innovation, to provide standardized best solution for clinical care, to become the industry, the major suppliers of products, services and technology maximally achieve a win-win customers, employees, society and shareholders.