Ligation clip


[models, specifications]

Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L).

[scope of application]

It is suitable for ligation and closure of vascular and coelomic tissues during human surgery.

[Intended Use]

The product is intended to be used in ligating vessel /tissue bundle for open or laparoscopic surgery.

General Surgery:

Gastrectomy/Cholecystectomy/Splenectomy/Coloproctectomy/Appendectomy/Hepatectomy/Gastrojejunostomy/Fundoplication etc.

Obstetrics and Gynecology:

Salpingectomy/0ophorectomy/Hysterectomy/Pelvic Lymphadenectomy/Chocolate Cyst Excision etc.

Urinary Surgery:

Nephrectomy/Adrenalectomy/Cyst/Ablation/Radical/Cystectomy/Radical Prostatectomy etc.

[Special Features]

1. Three types of product can meet all kinds of intraoperative ligation requirements.

2. Lock release device can modify the ligature position during operation.

3. Integrated teeth interface with the vessel and are designed to prevent slippage

4. Locking mechanism provides tactile feedback and secure closure

5. Bow-shape design allows removal with appropriate instrument

6. Hinge allows flexibility in clip placement prior to clip locking

7. Non-absorbable polymer is inert, non-conductive , radiolucent , and does not interfere with CT, MRl, or X-ray diagnostics.