Disposable medical ablation surgical blade electrodeDJ-I-B-G-1


Disposable medical ablation surgical blade electrode


Disposable medical ablation surgical blade electrode(hereinafter referred to as ablation electrode) is divided into unipolar ablation electrode (DJ) and a bipolar ablation electrode (SJ) according to the different structure and working principle.

1.1 The unipolar ablation electrode (DJ) is divided into two types according to the shape structure: I and II;

1.1.1 DJ-I type ablation electrode consists of electrode (retractable or plug-in type), insulating sleeve, handle, manual switch, cable, LED light and plug;

1.1.2 DJ-II ablation electrode consists of electrode, insulating sleeve, handle, manual switch, cable, plug and suction joint.

1.1.3 Electrode heads are divided into nine types according to the shape: needle shape, knife shape, sphere shape, hook shape, circle shape, ring shape, square shape, triangle shape and diamond shape.

【Scope of application】

The product is connected with high-frequency surgical instruments, it can be used for stop blood flow and clear the operative field of vision in various clinical surgical operations.

【product description】

This product is used in combination with various types of high-frequency surgical instruments.

It is often used for electrocision and electrocoagulation of human related tissues in clinical surgery, and the purpose of medical surgery for cutting or coagulation from the surface.

【Product Features】

1. High thermal conductivity alloy material: ablation electrode series-bipolar electrocoagulation tweezers are made of high thermal conductivity alloy, with 4000-mesh fine polishing process and dripping device, eliminating the scab phenomenon of common bipolar electrocoagulation tweezers during operation.

2. Handle widening design: The bipolar electrocoagulation tweezers handle part adopts a widening design, and the user is more convenient to hold during the operation.

3. Precise positioning of the guide pin: the precise positioning point design, eliminating the misalignment of the tweezers during the operation.

4. Bold cable: Large diameter thick cable is used to ensure excellent electrical conductivity and resistance to pulling.

6. Unipolar ablation electrode - electric knife pen, the circuit board is made of immersion gold technology, and the pen body is waterproof.

7. One-time use, convenient, no cross-infection, the electrocoagulation wire plug adopts international standards, more versatility, and can be connected with all national standard high-frequency mainframe.